Oakley Sunglasses, the avant garde creative gorgeous view

Hubertde Givenchy, the fashion design master once said, “fashion is dead, only accessories of today’s fashion brand afloat.” Like sunglasses from this type. For consumers, it can be called the luxury of” necessities “. Some pairs of glasses, you can foil dress, add features, enhance quality at the fastest speed; or for collections, just feel free to play with. To those people who have a strong desire for self-expression, sunglasses are promoted as a “fashion statement” and the expression of individualism. I believe that, you must know the brand of OAKLEY, as you are a fashion fans. In the movie “The Matrix”, OAKLEY sunglasses have become the necessity of all players.

What makes Oakley so excellent?

The Brand Story of oakley

In 1975, oakley was co-founded by Jim Kennett and basketball star Michael Jordan. From 1975 to 1980, Oakley has been produced off road racer goggles for the mainstream. After many years of experience in the design, production and market demand, that uses high technology and intelligent crystals, created a series of high-powered fashion glasses. Today, Oakley already has more than 600 patents worldwide and 800 registered trademark, its ophthalmic products including (M-frame, Zeros, E-Wires, Eye-Jackets, X-Metal,Overthetop series), and Oakley glasses all series, all United States domestic production, Assembly, inspection and packaging in order to ensure the quality of Oakley eyewear is absolutely correct.

The Brand Features of oakley

OAKLEY eyeglasses upside down for such products is its integrating eyewear comfort, practicality and artistry. Both product design and in the selection of materials, advanced after a series of scientific experiments and testing to ensure its comfort and high quality and function and fashion are highly integrated.

The classics of oakley sunglasses

Oakley was known by people by the film “the matrix”, and hot glue box series this year is come up with various brands for sale limited edition co-branded series, classic wave of Frogskin style is required, one of the water-minded netizens on this one please.

Japanese artist Naomi/South create this elegant, Oakley of new products, the Eterna. Oakley recently has worked actively with a number of artists, through their popular sunglasses as a platform for artists to show their talents. Naomi/South design of model with disorder of 2D and 3D lines reflect “technology loving art” message.

Oakley latest plan is included, it invites all the artists involved in the creation and extremely limited “Artist Collaboration” series. The original puppet (OriginalFake Kaws) chose classic models Frogskin combined with his character’s signature patterns, creating OriginalFake Kaws x Oakley signed Edition.

Professional skaters Greg Lutzka and sports Eyewear brand Oakley joint works of Good Livin, both white and purple, very impressive!!

Video below will give more why oakley sunglasses so great:


Tips on how to buy cheap oakley sunglasses at affordable price?

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